Maintenance guide


Protect your outdoor furniture with our covers. The ARKIMUEBLE covers are resistant to water, oil and dirt. They are fabricated with grey damp-proof fabric, term-sealed seams and with adjustable rubber. They are available to all the collections.

Do not keep or fold the covers when they are humid, let them dry with good ventilation. In order to wipe the covers, use a smooth cloth, hot water and a light cleaning product if it is necessary. Then, clean them with water. Solvents are not suitable for the cleanliness of the covers, since they can attack, damage or discolour their surface.


We love the resistance of the lattice of string, which, united to some excellent details, make this material a long-lasting election.

In fact, the fiber of polyester which form this material is the same that is used in areas that require exposition to extreme agents, such as ships’ sails. Therefore, it is protected against UVA rays, it is extremely resistant and strong, it does not stretch and it dries up quickly as it does not absorb water. It is important to highlight that its maintenance does not need more than a little water and neutral soap.

We recommend storing the furniture when not in use for long periods of time.

New silicon rope

Elastic solid silicon, used in Arena Collection, is one of our most exigent novelties. It is resistant to oxidizable or corrosive agents, electric insulating and it repels water. It perfectly maintains its properties against any climatology, 100% recyclable.

Clean with no corrosive or abrasive products. Do not use scrubbers nor pressure cleansers.

We recommend storing the furniture when not in use for long periods of time.


Used in Verona Collection, it combines the polyester cloth covered with PVC cloth. This material is resistant to open sky; it perfectly maintains its characteristics against any climatologic condition. It is resistant to UVA rays and it dries quickly, so it is ideal to outdoors use. It has an easy maintenance, as it can be cleaned with common domestic cleansers.

We recommend storing the furniture when not in use for long periods of time.



Textilene® is a combination of synthetic sheathed thread and high tenacity, soft and durable touch appropriate for all the climates. It is resistant and attractive, qualities that make it ideal for outdoor spaces like gardens and back yards.

For its cleanliness we recommend using a brush of smooth bristles or a sponge combined with a degreaser or a neutral PH detergent. After the cleaning, rinse abundantly with clean water.

 Thanks to its versatility it can be used for chairs, sun beds, armchairs, benches and even for Chaise Longues.

We recommend storing the furniture when not in use for long periods of time.


Our aluminium furniture is painted with a fluidized powder covering applied to the aluminium structure through electrostatic pulverisation. This method guarantees resistance to corrosion and scratches, easy cleanliness and humidity impermeability.

Clean with no corrosive or abrasive products. Do not use scrubbers nor pressure cleansers.


Choice Teak wood originating from ecological plantations. Great stability under UV radiation effects, chlorine and sea water. Ideal to outdoors and indoors use.

Since it is a natural material, teak can change its colour or even crack because of humidity and abrupt temperature changes. Teak experiences a natural rusting process which affect to its colour, which adopts an attractive grey silver tone. We recommend handling the wood with a sealant every three months. In order to reestablish teak original aspect, sand the entire surface and make use of the sealant. 


All our collections are fabricated in SOLANA ®synthetic fiber: material inspired in nature and technically perfected until reaching the highest level of comfort, functionality and durability. Our SOLANA ® synthetic fiber are extremely flexible, resistant to breakings and UVA rays.

It is resistant to open sky, chlorine, salt, water, lotions and suntan oils.

This material only requires an annual cleaning in order to eliminate dust and ambient dirt (humidity, oils) that can be retained in the plait or net. It can be cleaned easily, using a smooth sponge combined with a degreaser or a neutral PH detergent and rinse them with water. You will obtain better results of you rinse the synthetic fiber with pressurized water.

It is recommendable to clean the synthetic fiber before storing the furniture during winter and at the beginning of the season of habitual use.


Our laminated pressurized tabletops are perfect to outdoors use. They are impregnated with resin and compressed under great pressure, creating a strong upper part with a surface that is resistant to scratches. These tabletops do not need almost maintenance and can remain outdoors without any problem.

We recommend storing the furniture when not in use for long periods of time.



This temperate glass consists of a baked ceramic covering for the purpose of guaranteeing a perfect adhesion and longevity. This application allows the appearance of a texturized and distinctive pattern. In addition, it is less reflective than the polished glass.

Clean with a light cleanser and a smooth cloth.


Hardened glass, acid engraved in the upper part and coloured in the lower part. It is resistant to scratches (sharp objects can cause scratches on the glass surface). It can be used outdoors and indoors as well. Thickness: 8 mm

It can be easily cleaned with water. Avoid the use of abrasive and solvent products.


Sunbrella® fabrics have been specially developed for outdoors use and are made by mass dyed thread. Their exclusive colouration process guarantees optimal strength of colour. All our fabrics are handled with Teflon in order for them to be resistant to stains and to repel water, fact that certify the quality, resistance and easy maintenance of each fabric. They are machine washable at 30 degrees.


The Silvertex® vinyl fabric with textile appearance is an ideal product to create elegant and comfortable spaces. It is made up of silver ions technology (Silverguard®) which protects the material of microorganisms and PERMABLOK® against scratches, stains and rubs.  It has a great specification in worldwide nautical upholstery. Innovation, design and achievement are the keys to maintain their projects’ prestige.

A frequent cleaning is recommended in order to maintain an excellent appearance of the upholstery.  Use a light soap solution and move it away completely, using always a white humid fabric. Do not forget that light colours, such as white, require major frequency cleanliness.

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