In Arkimueble we live the outdoor furniture and
we hope that you live it with us too.


Arkimueble, a valencian company dedicated to the outdoor furniture. For more than three decades, our objective has been offering a quality product, combined with customer service and guarantee.

The passion for design, the meticulousness and the refinement of lines in the finishing touches just as the quality and the innovation, are the factors that differentiate our company from the rest.


Thanks to our customers trust, our company mission has been modified since its beginnings, thus being able to expand our installations in order to respond with major agility and quickness to our public demands. Furthermore, our professionals constantly work in introducing personality into all kinds of habitats for the purpose of adapting themselves to all the different styles and covering every client needs.



Arkimueble’s view is based on offering the client comfort, quality and style in the very same product, so as to he/she can thoroughly enjoy moments outdoors. For this reason, the company structure give primacy to the customer service and to the constant interest in satisfying his/her desires. 


The guarantee is in our employees’ professionalism, the knowledge accumulated thorough all the years of experience and effort; and in the inherited enthusiasm generation after generation.

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